Here you should find everything you need from getting started with creating your Profile to more advanced topics. We welcome contributions, check out the LinkFree Repo  and the documentation source on GitHub for more information.

Commit Style

On EddieHub, we use the Conventional Commits format for all changes to the source repositories. This format embeds semantic information in each commit, which is used to generate changelog automatically.

The format for Conventional Commits is as follows:

<type>([optional scope]): <description>

[optional body]

[optional footer(s)]


Add features

feat: setup storybook (#1234)

Fix existing features

fix: storybook warning &amp; deploy on dispatch (#1234)

Add/Update documentation

docs: contributing file links to docs

Add/Update Continious Integration

ci: improve Test Performance (#1234)

Add/Update Tests

test: profile tag redirect (#1234)

Learn more about Conventional Commits